The Next Generation in Retail Fueling Solutions

Fueling Station allows customers to fuel and pay for their fuel with their mobile device


✔ Custom Mobile App

✔ Pay with Credit Card, Bank Account (ACH) or Pay After Fueling

✔ Designed to work with (not replace) your current Point of Sale

✔ Works with all major dispenser manufacturers

✔ PCI Compliant

✔ Low Equipment Costs

We are looking for integration partners. Please contact us if you are interested. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

For consumers, please note that this product is not currently available in your app store for you to download.

What Does Fueling Station do for your Customers?

Pay for Fuel with Credit Card

Customers can use the app to authorize a fuel dispenser to pay with a credit card. In addition to the convenience of not having to search to find your credit card, the app allows customers to email themselves a receipt. Customers may still choose to have a physical receipt printed if they prefer.

Pay for Fuel with ACH

Credit card fees are higher than ever. The Fueling Station app allows customers to use their Bank Account to pay for their fuel with an ACH. ACH transactions are used to transfer money using the Federal Reserve. The advantage of ACH transactions are the lower relative cost in comparison with percentage-based fees from credit cards. The disadvantage of ACH transactions are that funds cannot be verified beforehand. This is the identical exposure you have by accepting checks. This feature can be turned off or can be used as part of a VIP program.

Pay After Fueling

To prevent theft, most retail fueling stations require customers to pay before fueling or use their credit card. Fueling Station allows customers to scan their driver's license with their phone to register themselves. Once registered, the customer may pump before they go inside to pay. If the customer changes their mind after they fuel, they can pay for the fuel right inside the app.

This feature is great for those who wish to pay with cash. It is also useful for those who wish to avoid the pre-authorization hold on their debit cards which can tie up their available balance.

What happens if the customer drives off without paying? Fueling Station has a simple API that allows a transaction to be marked as unpaid. This will do several things. First, it deactivates the customer's ability to fuel before paying with the Fueling Station app. Fueling Station can also send an email or a text to inform the customer that they haven't paid for the fuel. The customer can still pay for their fuel through the app. Once the fuel has been paid for, the ability to pay afterwards will be restored. Most of the time, customers simply forgot to pay while paying for other items in the store.

How Does a Customer Fuel Their Vehicle with the Fueling Station App?

Customer Signs Up

The customer downloads and installs the app onto their phone. An account is created and the customer sign in.

Add Credit Card, Bank Account or Driver's License

The customer will add a payment type (Credit Card or Bank Account) or they will sign up for paying the cashier after pumping using their driver's license.

Customer Drives to a Fuel Dispenser at a Participating Location

The customer starts the app. The customer will then choose their payment type and, optionally, a preset amount. The dispenser will have signage with a QR code for the customer to scan with the app. If the customer is unable to scan the QR code, the customer may enter the six-digit dispenser code displayed beneath the QR code.

Fueling Station will Validate Physical Location

Fueling Station will use the mobile device's GPS to determine if the customer is at the station. If the GPS is unable to retrieve the customer's location or the GPS is not reporting the correct location, the mobile device will prompt the customer to enter a 4-digit code listed on the dispenser payment terminal screen. This is for security purposes to ensure the customer is present.

Fueling Station will Validate Customer's Payment

If the customer uses a credit card, the credit card will be authorized through the authorization networks. If the customer uses one of the other payment types, the account will verified.

Customer Finishes Fueling

If the customer chose to pay after fueling, they can go into the station and pay for their fuel. The customer also has the option to pay for their fuel afterwards using the Fueling Station app.

PCI Compliance

Fueling Station strives to be PCI Compliant. Fueling Station stores credit card information inside the mobile device's persistent memory. The information is stored using industry standard encryption algorithms with non-public information. If the persistent memory is compromised by a 3rd party attack, the information will be unusable. When transmitting credit card numbers, Fueling Stations decrypts and then re-encrypts the data before sending it to secured web services hosted in a cloud. The number is not stored in clear text anywhere in a database or in web server logs.

Fueling Station keeps local communication logs on the site controller for troubleshooting purposes. All credit card data is removed from these logs to ensure PCI Compliance.

Additional Information

Fueling Station is not a standalone product. Fueling Station depends on integration with your Point of Sale software. We are looking for partners to integrate with. We are able to customize Fueling Station based on your needs.